Skins S400 Compression Thermal Ski Tights Mens

Skins S400 Compression Thermal Ski Tights Mens
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Skins S400 Compression Thermal Ski Tights Mens.

Buy mens Skins S400 thermal long tights online at Protection for Sport at Sale prices with our Skins S400 special offer.

Skins S400 compression thermal long tights are an ideal choice of compression base layer tight for the winter sports enthusiast. Skins S400 compression thermal ski tights offer you the opportunity to hit the slopes with an advantage, ready to handle the chilly Winter temperatures and get the most from your sport or activity.

With a vastly superior thermal rating to standard Skins compression clothing, the Skins S400 series of thermal ski garments feature all of the fit and performance properties that you would expect from the worlds most advanced manufacturer of compression apparel. Theres nothing more debilitating than becoming cold, shivering away miserably and still trying to function. Winter snow sports or activities can be a necessity or just for fun, but you can give yourself an edge with Skins S400 thermal long tights, retaining warmth, enhancing strength and resilience and reducing the damage for the next day.

The Skins S400 thermal ski series of compression clothing is a new addition to the comprehensive range of Skins compression wear. Skins S400 compression has all of the qualities that have made Skins so popular, such as gradient compression, UV sun protection, muscle wrapping focus, anti odour design and unique fit.

We asked ourselves, if we were off skiing or larking around in the cold, would we want to buy Skins S400 thermal tights before we set out? The answer was Yes! Aesthetically attractive, excellent value and functionally accomplished, mens Skins S400 Compression tights get our vote. We guess the Ski Austria team wear Skins for a reason.

Tip: Check the attached mens Skins S400 Compression Thermal Ski Long Tights Size Guide to ensure you buy the perfect pair of compression tights.

  • Skins S400 thermal long tights are engineered for snow.
  • S400 tights have seams that are positioned to reduce the risk of injury by supporting key muscles.
  • Tights feature shaped crotch panel with fly.
  • Articulated knees and elbows for comfortable movement.
  • S400 tights feature zigzag stitching at the hem for added stretch and durability.
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